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Try these simple holiday crafts for kids

How long is your Christmas to-do list? Chances are for everything you manage to cross off, you find another item to replace it. So goes the holiday season. But regardless of the fast pace, it’s a special time of year, especially if you have young children in the house. Check out the following DIY kids holiday craft ideas to help you check off a few items on your list and channel some their excitement. 

 Natural Christmas Tree Ornaments

The name says it all. Why buy ornaments when you can recruit the kids to help you make them at a fraction of the cost? Double bonus: you can keep them for long past when sticks and pinecones provide any form of entertainment. 

For this project you will need: 

  • Twigs or pinecones
  • Gardening clippers
  • Yarn, ribbon, pipe cleaners, and/or fabric strips
  • Pom-poms, sequins, googly eyes
  • Hot glue or fast-drying bottle glue

Step 1: Get the kids outside to collect twigs and pinecones for your tree decorating. Slimmer twigs tend to work better as do smaller pinecones, but if there’s a will, there’s a way to hang bigger ones if needed. 

Step 2: Cut twigs down to size. Stars and Christmas trees are some of the simplest things to make with twigs, so cut your twigs to the size you’d like for them to be on the tree. 

Step 3: If needed, help your kids arrange the twigs into the ornament they would like to make and brainstorm ideas of what the pinecones could be, like a porcupine. 

Step 4: Depending on the age of your children, determine the best way to assemble the ornament and decorate it. Hot glue or fast-drying craft glue are great options for older children. For toddlers, you can even just have them decorate a single twig with pipe cleaners so no glue is necessary.

Step 5:  Let you kids get creative. Can your star have googly eyes? Sure, why not. You can make Christmas-themed ornaments or whatever they dream up. Just be sure to watch the weight of the ornament, and make sure there’s a way to easily hang it on the tree!

DIY gift paper or boxes

This is your chance to give grandparents a gift before they even open their present. Gift recipients will love seeing your child’s artwork on their presents, and your kids will love the opportunity to get creative. 

For this project you will need: 

  • White potatoes
  • Cookie cutters
  • Cutting board and somewhere safe for an adult to cut potatoes
  • Acrylic paint
  • Kids paint brushes
  • Kraft paper or plain gift boxes

Step 1: Keeping clear of little fingers, cut the potatoes in half to make as many halves as you’d like different stamps. 

Step 2: Press your cookie cutter – metal ones tend to work better – into the potato. And cut about half an inch of potato out around it. The portion of the potato still inside of the cookie cutter is your stamp. Make sure to make the distance from the top of the stamp to the rest of the potato far enough that only paint on the stamp will make it to the paper or box. Repeat for as many different stamps as you’d like. 

Step 3: Layout the Kraft paper after cutting it into sections long enough to cover your presents. Be sure to weight down the sides so it doesn’t make any fast moves while the kids are getting crafty. 

Step 4: You can just use acrylic paint to cover the potato stamp after you remove the cookie cutter from it. Or you can throw glitter into the equation. The amount of mess is up to you. Just be sure to evenly cover the stamp with paint. 

Step 5: If they need it, help your kids firmly and evenly press the stamp to the paper or box, lifting it straight back up so it doesn’t smear. Repeat across the paper with the same stamp or different ones to create a holiday masterpiece. Be sure to allow time for everything to dry before using it on any gifts. 

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Posted on December 7, 2020