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Copper Kettle Tea Bar brings teas from around the globe to Foley

106 N Chicago St.
Foley, AL 36535


Take out options available.

What’s more relaxing than a cup of tea and a scenic view? Sisters Sue Adams and Robin Peters would be the first to agree that not much is. In fact, they built a business that proves it. 

The Copper Kettle Tea Bar on North Chicago Street in Foley, Alabama, is in the heart of downtown nestled amongst the oaks of Heritage Park. What was once a shotgun house for railroad workers is now the perfect cozy place for tea novices and enthusiasts alike to take a break, or as Robin calls it, “a moment,” to enjoy life. 

So through hurricanes, plagues and the stress of life, we highly recommend you visit your local tea house for ‘a moment.’”

– Robin Peters of Copper Kettle Tea Bar

“Tea wears many traditions, cultures and flavors making it not only one of the most consumed but one of the most inclusive beverages around the world,” Robin explains. “Most of us all have at least one fantastic memory that includes tea, whether it was an afternoon with grandmother and cake, high tea in London or a spicy chai from the streets of India. So through hurricanes, plagues and the stress of life, we highly recommend you visit your local tea house for ‘a moment.’”

Copper Kettle, which began as The Two Sassy Cups Team Room in 2005 after Hurricane Ivan, offers a variety of teas ranging from herbal teas to oolongs. “Throughout history it has continued to hold significance for multiple reasons, including medicinal, ceremonial, mealtime, entertaining, or simply relaxing,” Robin said. “The significant essence tea brings to the consumer supports all those characteristics. As consumers become more knowledgeable and health conscious, tea fulfills a lot of individual needs from those who enjoy handcrafted single source rare teas to a plethora of unique flavors and blends. Our tea tastings have become extremely popular as consumers want to experience tea from around the world.” Copper Kettle also offers homemade lunches during the week, and you can even experience a full afternoon tea (with a reservation) that includes three tiers of finger foods and desserts. 

While tea is the second most widely consumed beverage worldwide, owning a tea room in the South, where sweet tea reigns king, has always been a challenge, according to Robin. Couple that with COVID-19 restrictions and Hurricane Sally, and it’s made for a challenging year, where Robin explains small business “teeter on creative transition or overwhelming exhaustion.” All 2020 has thrown at the two sisters has just made them more convinced of the Gulf Coast’s need for tea, though. “It just makes my sister and I dig in our heals even more because we believe the moment — and  often we only have a moment — needs not only the healthy and restful process of drinking tea but the hospitality of the tea house as well,” Robin explains. “Stay calm and pour yourself a cup of tea!”


Note: The Copper Kettle Tea Bar is Bellator Real Estate & Development’s October 2020 LoLo monthly client gift for South Baldwin County. Contact your Bellator REALTOR® for details.

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Posted on October 26, 2020