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B & B Pet Stop celebrates 40th anniversary

B&B Pet Stop
5035 Cottage Hill Rd.
Mobile, AL 36609
 (251) 661-3474

Online store available:

Where in Mobile can you watch a tarantula eat lunch or a rabbit nap? The same place you can find Koi fish, hedgehogs, sugar gliders and turtles, of course. If you pay a visit, you may even hear the tweet of a parakeet or two. 

It’s not a zoo, but a pet store. And not just any pet store, it’s Mobile’s oldest, run by the same family for 40 years. It’s a one-stop pet shop that has seen parents bring their children to pick out a pet and then has seen those children bring in children of their own to do the same. 

B&B Pet Stop opened in the Mobile area in 1981 in Saraland and over the next four decades grew into Mobile’s favorite place to purchase and care for their pets. “As Mobile’s favorite pet store, we make it our business to sell animals that make good pets,” General Manager Sally Adams Trufant says. “We started out as a fish store with a few large birds, and over the years added small animals, more birds, and eventually reptiles. We truly want people to have a fun time when they come here — whether they buy anything or not. That makes it fun for us.  We’re extremely proud to be celebrating our 40th year in business this year.”

Her brother, Bill Trufant, founded B&B after attending Spring Hill College and deciding that Mobile needed a pet shop like the one where he worked during middle school in Metairie, Louisiana, where he was paid in fish. It fostered a love of caring for animals that grew into a family business. Now, sisters Sally and Mary own the store with Bill after their parents, who were his original business partners, passed away. They credit their success to their hands-on approach as well as their employees.

“We’ve ALWAYS been in it for the long haul, so we train our krewe to do everything they can to ensure the customer will be successful with their pet,” Sally explains. “If someone comes in for a goldfish, we don’t just bag one up and say, ‘good luck!’ We explain how to take care of the fish, how to clean the tank, what to feed it and when…we spend time with our customers.” 

While Sally says online shopping has made owning the store more and more difficult, Bill’s longtime relationships have allowed them to stay competitive, and though it may come as a surprise, she notes the pet store managed to weather quarantine better than many local businesses: “Since folks couldn’t go on vacation or send their kids to camp and were spending so much time at home, everyone decided to spruce up their aquarium or get new toys for their dog. Lots of folks got new puppies, and everyday we’d see these cutie-pies come in for supplies; it was so much FUN!”

While B&B does not sell dogs or cats, they do partner with many local shelters to offer adoption opportunities. It’s just one of the ways B&B gives back to the Mobile community. Through their Round Up for Charity program, B&B has raised over $297,000 simply by asking customers if they’d like to round up to the next dollar. While the charity it benefits changes, the money is always kept local. Last year it went to local pet rescues. “We’re always looking for ways to support the community that supports us,” Sally explains. “All of this money stays in our community.” 

And it’s a community that B&B has been proud to watch grow over the years. She adds, “We now have several generations of customers coming in and it’s so fun to have a customer bring their children and say they ‘grew up’ here!”


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Posted on August 13, 2021