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Need a New Year’s Resolution? Commit to growing your database

Just taking a guess, you are probably like most real estate agents. You know people from the YMCA, your children’s school, church or your neighborhood. In fact, you probably have contact information for many of them. On your desk is probably a collection of names, addresses and phone numbers on stacks of scrap paper, business cards and envelopes.

All those people you know and scrap pieces of paper on your desk have the power to change your business.

If you do not keep contact information for people you know in the community and past clients in an easily manageable format, you are selling your business short. It could be organized in a large Excel spreadsheet, or ideally, a customer relationship management (CRM) system that gives you the ability to filter your contacts and export information easily. Regardless of what you use, have a process for storing information – that doesn’t involve a leaning stack of paper on your desk that may crumble at any moment. It’s the single most valuable thing you can do for your business this new year.

With that information, you can reach out to your sphere of influence regularly; you can stay top of mind with them and be who pops into their heads when they think of a real estate agent. Without organized contact information, that is not likely to happen. 

Remember the more information you can gather the better: birthdays, anniversaries, property anniversaries. They are all excellent reasons to reach out and give someone a call or drop a postcard in the mail. Referrals from past and current clients could – and should – be the largest source of your business. You could stop chasing clients and begin having them reach out to you when they need assistance. Doesn’t that sound easier than cold calling?

Referrals snowball. One referral turns into a new client who refers you to another and then to another after that. That is why as your database grows, your business grows.

A database of your sphere of influence and clients is the most inexpensive way to generate business as long as your database is active. Holding that information somewhere – even if it is organized – will only be valuable if you put it to use. But as the saying goes, the first step as always the hardest. Resolve to add all of the contact information you have regularly to a system that is organized and functional. And then make 2021 the year you put that information to work for you. 

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Posted on January 11, 2021