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‘Fresh seafood meets soulful, Southern goodness’ at Luna’s Eat & Drink

25689 Canal Road Ste. B
Orange Beach, AL 36561



Brian and Jodi Harsany bring Southern coastal dishes to life in their restaurant, Luna’s Eat & Drink in Orange Beach, Alabama. We caught up with the two to discuss what draws people to their restaurant and how they aim to serve their community through their business. 

Could you explain the process of deciding to open Luna’s and how the restaurant got its name? 

Luna’s is named after our third dog, Luna, who was adopted on the day of a lunar eclipse. The restaurant concept was one we had been discussing for a while.  

What do you feel makes your local business unique? What are your best sellers?

We pride ourselves on providing an unforgettable dining experience.

Fresh seafood meets soulful, Southern goodness here. A unique blend of coastal fare and hometown favorites, not to mention a grassy courtyard perfect for outdoor games, make this the perfect family friendly restaurant. Every day, our chefs create their favorite authentic and coastal dishes by using simple ingredients with a Southern flare. We also feature 32 craft beers on tap and large screen TVs, perfect for relaxing and watching your favorite sporting events.

What do you feel is the most challenging part of being a small business owner? What do you feel is the best part? 

The most challenging part is the lack of labor force, but the best part is the ability to be creative and try new things. Creativity is something we try to cultivate here. 

How is your business involved in the community? Are there any specific charities you support?

The environment is an integral part of our business philosophy and critical to the success of the retail industry in Orange Beach. We have integrated the industry and our social responsibilities. 

We use environmentally friendly to go boxes, utensils and cups. We have recently implemented a no straw initiative. When possible, we have switched to cans so that they can be recycled. Proceeds from recycling the aluminum will go to animal organizations.

The restaurant is a part of the local Emergency Management POD team, which means when the City of Orange Beach declares a State of Emergency we provide food for first responders. We provide food for the Orange Beach Fire and Police departments routinely and also offer a discount to City of Orange Beach employees, on and off duty, as a way to thank each of them for their service to our community and being loyal, local customers.

We also support our local sports commission, where we are honorary coaches for and have hosted as many as 8 of the 16 teams for the NAIA Women’s National Soccer Championship. As ambassadors, our responsibilities include welcoming the teams to the area, answering questions and making dining arrangements. These players remember their experience in Orange Beach and return to the area with their families as tourists. We aim to help showcase Orange Beach however we can. 


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Posted on November 23, 2020