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Making a move? Check out these tips.

Even in the midst of uncertainties surrounding COVID-19, summertime still means making a move for many Americans, whether it be across town or across the country. Regardless of whether you’re planning to handle it yourself or hire pros, moving isn’t easy, especially in the midst of a pandemic. Your best bet is having someone there to answer your questions, and that’s where a REALTOR® comes in. While she won’t be able to tell you which box your favorite set of bowls is in, a REALTOR® will have the contacts and experience needed to help make your move smoother.

Bellator Relocation Director David Horn
Relocation Director

David Horn

“The average American buys a house every eight or nine years, but the agent they are working with sells dozens of homes each year. It’s the agent’s job to anticipate issues and provide knowledgeable advice before, during and even after a move,” David Horn, Bellator Real Estate & Development’s Relocation Director, explains. “It’s especially important to find a REALTOR® whose brokerage has a relocation department because curating contacts to help buyers and sellers is part of the department’s job. Whether you’re looking for cleaning services, landscaping, handymen, painters or movers, a relocation department has contacts to help take some of the hassle out of moving.”

Working with a local REALTOR® can also give you the advantage of knowing the trash schedule, including debris pick up for your moving boxes, and where you need to go to declare homestead. With summer being prime moving season, below is a check list of often-forgotten pro tips:

When preparing to move:

  • Buy a few cheap doorstops to prop open doors on moving day. Without them, you run the risk of damaging your doors, having someone slam a hand in one or tripping over something else used to prop it open. They’re a simple and inexpensive way to solve a potentially painful issue.
  • Line your floors on moving day. Often moving companies will offer plastic to cover your floors. Take advantage as it’s often cheaper and less time consuming than having carpets cleaned after dirty shoes clomp through the house. You can also find cheap sheets or quilts to serve the same purpose and reuse them at your new home. The plastic and/or sheets can also be used to cover your furniture to protect them from dirt.
  • Develop a labeling system. It can be as sophisticated as using an app like Boxmeup to print QR codes for each box, which will show the specific contents when scanned with your smartphone. Or you can list each thing onthe box itself. At the very least, write the room the box should go when delivered so you don’t have to haul heavy boxes across the house multiple times. It’s also not a bad idea to have one person designated to point everyone where each room is on delivery day.
  • Ask around to see if you can find used boxes. The cost for moving boxes can add up, so taking boxes from a local store helps them and you. For some of your more fragile items, it may be worth it to invest in plastic boxes that can be used for storage later.

Once you’re in your new home:

  • Change the locks. You have no way of knowing who may still have a key to your home, so it’s best to switch them out first thing.
  • If your home has a security system, make sure the previous owner has disabled service on it, or you may find yourself having to prove the house is yours with an alarm blaring.
  • Forward your mail. Sometimes we take for granted the important things we have delivered to us. As soon as you forward your mail, begin switching over the address on all your accounts so you don’t miss anything.
  •  Deep clean first thing. It’s much easier to deep clean a house that hasn’t been decorated yet. Even if you have to clean around boxes, doing your best to clean fans, vents, flooring and shelving before everything is arranged will save you time in the long run.

Reach out to your Bellator agent with any questions!

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  • Buyer & Seller Tips
Posted on June 17, 2020