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Bellator’s Terryl Reeves on ‘Ask the Expert’

Wondering how the Gulf Coast real estate market is fairing in light of disruptions caused by COVID-19? It’s a question real estate companies, real estate agents and Gulf Coast residents alike have wondered as the effects of the virus continue to develop.

Terryl Reeves
Fairhope Section St.
Managing Broker

However, as Bellator Real Estate & Development’s Fairhope Section Street Managing Broker Terryl Reeves explains, the market seems to be in the beginning stages of playing catch up after its COVID-19 hiatus.

Reeves visited Friday, May 29, 2020, with Uncle Henry and Mary Booth on iHeartRadio’s Newsradio 710 WNTM to explain how Bellator agents have adapted to the impacts of COVID-19 and how the market has reacted to the virus. Listen beginning at 8:45 for details.

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  • Market Updates
Posted on June 1, 2020