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Gulf Coast Mardi Gras: Make your Christmas decor multitask

If you hate taking down Christmas decorations — whether because it takes so long to get them into storage or just because the house looks bare without them — then this article is for you. Why? Because on the Gulf Coast, you may not have to put them up. 

You may be able to repurpose at least some of your Christmas décor as Mardi Gras decorations. It’s a little late for 2020, but as you put up/ take down your Mardi Gras decorations this year, think about ways you could make some of your Christmas decorations multitask. 

Christmas tree decorations aren’t just for Christmas.

It’s pretty common to see Christmas trees turned Mardi Gras in businesses and homes along the Gulf Coast, but any leftover tree decorations can be put to good use. While our area’s official Mardi Gras colors don’t include green, chances are you’ll still see it make an appearance in decorations. Any extra gold, purple or green garland that you may have used to decorate your tree can be wrapped around the banister of your staircase or the columns inside or outside of your home. For an added touch of flair, a strand of string lights, either white or festive multi-colored, can be wrapped with the garland.  

If you need a centerpiece, simply stack any extra gold, green or purple Christmas ball ornaments in a clear glass vase with party beads. You’d be surprised how something so easy to make can be such a statement piece.  

You can also change out the bow color on plain greenery wreaths from bright Christmas red to Mardi Gras purple. Use any extra gold, green or purple ball ornaments to add to your wreaths or garland to make them Mardi Gras ready. 

Example of Mardi Gras themed garland in Midtown Mobile.

Cut down on the clutter.

No one enjoys having to find inventive ways to stuff all of your holiday decorations in your storage space. It’s a real fast way for the festive spirit of a holiday to disappear. That’s the beauty of making your decorations multitask. You don’t need Christmas wreaths and Mardi Gras wreaths if you can just switch out bows. You don’t need front door decorations for both if you use small Christmas trees that can be redecorated in a matter of a few minutes for Mardi Gras. Less stuff to store means an easier time making it fit. 

Make your Christmas and Mardi Gras decorations work double time for you next year by taking an inventory now and then let the good times roll. Happy Mardi Gras, Gulf Coast!

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Posted on February 17, 2020