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Easily transition your patio furniture this year using official 2020 color

Along the Gulf Coast, chances are your patio furniture gets put to good use. Whether your furniture is on a screened-in porch or surrounding a pool or barbeque pit, it is a large part of your home’s décor. Just like with the interior of your home, transitioning your patio furniture can be a chore. The key to tackling it is to use one basic color that works for any season. For this season, can we make a suggestion? Take a look at the Pantone 2020 Color of the Year

Pantone, a major player in color and design, selects a color each year that it sees as the next up-and-coming one. This year’s color is Pantone 19-4052, or Classic Blue. The name pretty much speaks for itself. This color is a “dependable and stable foundation,” as Pantone put it. A strong foundation color is the basis to easily transition your outdoor furniture each season, and a classic blue like Pantone’s 2020 Color of Year is a strong choice. 

Here are a few tips to help with your seasonal outdoor furniture transitions this year:

  • Buy seat cushions in a neutral color, like Pantone’s Classic Blue, that can work for you all year. Bright green might not match your Christmas decorations, but a neutral color will. 
  • To keep the neutral color relevant from season to season, interchange small accent pieces.  Try finding accent pillows with patterns or colors that work with the overall feel of your home for that season. Take hints from your seasonal decorations. Using gold outdoor accent pillows or throw blankets for winter works for both Christmas and Mardi Gras. Since you picked a neutral base color, you can change your whole look for the warmer months with just a couple of new pillows in brighter, lighter colors or different patterns.  
  • Don’t forget non-fabric accents. You can have flowers blooming pretty much all year around in coastal Alabama. Don’t neglect flowerpots, metal yard artwork or any decorative signage when you’re transitioning your outdoor furniture.  
  • Think storage. When seasonal pieces aren’t being used, they’ll probably have to be stored, so keep that in mind when making your purchases. 

Small changes in your outdoor furniture and decor can have a big impact on the overall feel of your home. Whether you choose to use a classic blue or your favorite color, making sure it’s able to transition from season to season will make you and your wallet happier this year. 

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  • Home Improvement & Decor
  • Outdoor
Posted on February 5, 2020