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Real Men of South Alabama raise over $136,000 for ACS

The American Cancer Society (ACS) of South Alabama started a local initiative called the Real Men Wear Pink campaign. A group of men who are leaders in their community came together with individual fundraising to benefit cancer research throughout the month of October. Together, these men raised $136,357.95 for the ACS. Bellator Real Estate and Development’s president, Troy Wilson, was one of the “Great Fundraisers” who donated a total of $26,046.

Through his own campaign called “Cooking for a Cure,” Troy brought together staff, agents, family and friends to host four fish fry cookouts from the beach up through Mobile to raise funds. With the help of several local sponsors, he surpassed his goal of $25,000.

“I have to say I’ve been overwhelmed by all of you who have generously donated so much of your time and money to help in this effort,” said Troy in response to his company’s outpouring of support.

Bellator enjoyed being a part of this cause and joining forces against cancer. Agents and staff sold over 1000 fish fry tickets, and nearly 50 volunteered for the events. Because of the hard work of Troy and the Real Men Wear Pink ambassadors, the group was number one in the region out of six states.

If you would like to know more information about the American Cancer Society, please visit

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Posted on November 12, 2015